Prologue: I Miss the Innocence of Purity

I started off the second semester at the prestigious Pine Crest Academy knowing that I had again dodged a bullet. In fact, saying that I had dodged a bullet was arguably the understatement of the century. Scratch that— the understatement of the millennium.

I had spent so much time looking forward to winter vacation, and in many ways I knew it would be a winter vacation I would never forget. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many good things to remember about my Christmas vacation.

I’d been twice harassed by the police officer who had sent arrested me the first time. The first harassment resulted in a fractured cheek bone and a wounded ego. The second time sent me to prison.

I’d spent eight of the longest days of my life in the solitary confinement area at the local Tulsa Police Department. I was cut off from everything; and part of that was a result of me punishing myself.

I’d again put my family through hell, and this time it seemed all the worse that my lovely Olivia had to go through it with me. I couldn’t stand the thought of her seeing me locked up like an animal or a common criminal, when I hadn’t done a thing wrong. Officer Locke had successfully framed me.

However, during those long eight days, I came to a few realizations. The first was that my own stupid actions and behavior had gotten me into this mess. I had no one to blame but myself.

The second realization was that I was eternally grateful for Olivia. I needed her now more than anything else, and even though I didn’t know it at the time, she was there with her unselfish trust and perfect acceptance.

I’d always known that Olivia was a gift—one that I probably didn’t deserve. And if it weren’t for her and her father, I would have probably stayed in jail. Her father was a renowned judge, who stepped down from his cases in order to take my case.

If it hadn’t been for his legal knowledge and judicial brilliance, I would have been branded a criminal forever.

And here I am back at Pine Crest Academy, with a perfect four-point-oh grade point average and a clean slate. I was cleared of all charges and my record was expunged.

With Olivia at my side and my unlikely best friend Thomas, I was ready to finish off my last semester at Pine Crest, and my last semester as a high school student. And begin planning my future.

I wasn’t entirely sure what that future was yet, but I knew that it included Olivia.

Chapter 1: White-Out